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- Reducing your workload. 
- Self manage your condition. 

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Chronic conditions

More than 4 in 10 patients living with chronic conditions do not have the knowledge, skills and confidence to self manage their health and well being on a daily basis..
Self efficacy: patients living with chronic conditions have similar concerns with specific skills e.g. decision making, social, cognitive and mental health. 
  • Education - learn how to develop their own skills and actions to manage their health. 
  • Self management - patient to create, self manage and recognize warning signals that make sense to them
  • Peer support Ongoing progress summary report sent to G.P 

Our programs

What they contain. .

Animation video 

Short bite sized format video maximum 5 mins that will reduce cognitive overload, enable the patient to take in ,retain and carryover the information,


Extra information to go with the video, looked at afterwards. 

Self management 

Examples of what a situation means, they can write in their examples, what it means to them image or writing and what they would do differently the next time. 


Starting off with three programs to choose from -  motivational, fatigue or mental wellness. 

About me:

I worked as a clinical nurse specialist in stroke rehabilitation and had a rare type of stroke a number of years ago which left me cognitive impairments, chronic fatigue and aphasia. I previously had a comorbidity of social anxiety disorder. I self managed my recovery. My main issues I dealt with were social, cognitive and mental health. I found when I talked to other people living with other  chronic conditions that we had the some generic concerns around social, cognitive and mental wellness. I am trained for the Stanford self management program, am trained as a cognitive behavioral therapist and have  completed a diploma in positive psychology. 

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